-1/2 of a large round barley rusk (about 5 inches diameter)
-1 large tomato (or 2 small ripe tomatoes, coarsely grated, discard skin)
– 2 to 3 heaping tablespoons of FOS Organic Feta Cheese P.D.O.
– 2 to 3 teaspoons of FOS 1704 Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– 5 to 6 FOS Kalamata Olives sliced or halved (for each rusk)
Black pepper to taste
– Pinch of FOS Wild Oregano

Preparation Instructions:
1.Gather the ingredients.
2.Run the rusk under a spray of water (about 4-6 tablespoons) to moisten. Grate the tomato with a vegetable grater (or the large grate on a multi-grater) into a strainer over a bowl so most of the liquid drains off.
3.Spread the grated tomato on the rusk and top with cheese, and black olives. Sprinkle with pepper and a good amount of oregano, and drizzle with olive oil.