Old world recipes, New world tastes
Kalavryton 3, 14564 Kifisia

Who We Are

Our team consists of experienced professionals, who take pride in their job and the products they deal with. We listen and keep our mind open, addressing every need in a special way.

  • 25 years experience in exports to 5 continents.
  • Sales in retail, wholesale, and industrial (B2B) channels.
  • Flexible and adoptable approaches to new markets, different cultures and legal requirements.
  • A team that drove the largest olive oil producer in Greece to become the number one exporter of bottled olive oil.
  • Long term established cooperation in over 46 countries, with retail chains and importers.



What We Do

Το achieve our goals with our partners we
  • Select for exclusive representation exports producers who can cover the needs and requirements of clients ranging from smaller chains and distributors to large retailers and the requirements of tenders for buying groups.
  • Ensure that our partners follow the international quality standard systems.
  • Sell products that are produced in compliance to the laws of destination markets.
  • Set targets for every new market entry in terms of market shares and awareness of our products and brands.
  • Discover and create opportunities for new products and markets.
  • Participate in all the major international exhibitions with our stand in cooperation with our partners.
  • Visit in regular intervals the markets in which we operate, observing the course and the new opportunities that develop in the market for Greek products.
  • Have created a database of over 12.000 importers, distributors and retailers with whom we keep frequent contact.
  • Actively participate in the development of new products, the improvement of the current range as well as their localisation to comply to the legal and consumer requirements of the target markets.
  • Create and implement marketing campaigns with suitable partners in each market from in store promotions to campaigns including TV, print and digital means.
  • Synergy

    The synergy we create benefits the producers but also the importers and retail buyers.

    Partner suppliers

    • Reduced operating costs related to travel, operations, exhibitions and etc.
    • Bigger bargaining power
    • Exposure to more potential clients (cross–selling)
    • Exposure that is multiple in relation to their size and spend.

    Partner importers and S/M buyers

    • Co–loadings resulting in lower transport cost
    • More efficient cooperation with advertising companies and promotional planning
    • Frequent visits to the market
    • Marketing and budget plans
    • Cross promotion of Greek products and development of more product categories, aiming to improve the awareness of Greek products.

    International exposure

    Extended international database of over 12.000 importers and major retail partners who know Expoaid and trust the products and services we offer.

    • We are genuine globe trotters.
    • We participate in major international exhibitions.
    • We conduct continuous market audits.
    • We visit frequently our clients.
    • We exchange information about markets and product categories on regular basis with retailers and importers listed in our database.

    Selection of quality products

    Our 25 year experience of international and Greek market gives us deep knowledge based on which we select the products we decide to deal with.

    Our partner factories:

    • Have the ability to cover the needs and products of a small importer who wishes to start dealing with Greek products, as well as the needs of large international retail chain and tenders of large buying groups.
    • Are flexible covering the legal requirements, the habits and the quality standards of every market.
    • Follow the international quality systems ISO, BRC, IFS and carry all the certifications such as BIO EU, Bio Suisse, USDA, Halal, Kosher, FDA compliance.
    • Adopt to the needs of the modern consumer following practices such as sustainability, traceability, carbon foot prints and environmental certifications of operations.

    Why choose us

    There are countless reasons for working with us. Whether you are a producer who wants to sell internationally or a potential client of our exquisite products we will offer you what you are looking for.

    Our team has proven experience in International sales, product sourcing and legal requirements involved with procurement and packaging.
    More than 12.000 contacts
    Global network of more than 12.000 contacts of retailers and importers who trust our services.
    Total management
    We provide Key account management for retail clients, marketing strategy, project management, handling of procurement, audits and all the related paperwork, support and follow up.
    Guaranteed quality
    We select quality products certified by International Standards. We conduct audits of all requirements.
    International exposure
    Frequent traveling in 5 continents: market audits, client visits, participation at major international exhibitions.
    We offer planning and execution of marketing campaigns in cooperation with selected, experienced and credible agencies globally.

    Wide range of products
    We deal with a wide range of products, including more than 147 different product codes.