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We operate as the export department of a producer/ manufacturer. We become an integral part of their business, a partner who grows sustainably their expansion in international markets. Such commitment is possible only on exclusive representation basis. In this business relationship we offer the following services:

Partner matching and market introduction

We identify, inspect and propose the suitable distributor/ retailer for your business. We negotiate, work through the contract and establish the foundations for a healthy business relationship.

Strategic planning of market entry and sales

Through detailed competitive analysis we establish the best way to position the product and develop sales, hand in hand with the selected distributor.

Brand creation and development, product localization

We work with you to create or improve your branding and expand your range. We supervise product localization, to meet all legal and cultural requirements.

Sales & profitability, management for new and existing clients

We provide total sales management based on a pre-agreed commercial policy. We examine and refine the existing client portfolio and set the standards for the new clients’ sales and profitability.

Marketing and new product development

We develop and coordinate the execution of marketing support with our selected partners in the market. Our experts can advise, plan and execute new product development processes, establish product USP’s and claims in the context of legal requirements.



Key Benefits of the Service

  Total management: a professional and complete management of international sales
  Synergy: you become a member of a team with more producers. This means more for less,

  • high impact presentation at international shows,
  • exposure to greater number of potential customers,
  • cross selling with the other products we have in our range
  • feedback from multiple field visits to the international markets

 Cost efficiency: The share scheme allows you to do things that would be otherwise prohibitive on individual basis by high costs.
  Negotiation power: as a group we have more power to negotiate, this implies better commercial deals, in both sales and purchases.

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