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We execute international assignments of procurement and contract manufacturing for manufacturers, retailers and the supply industry. Our market knowledge allows us to select the appropriate producer for the execution of each project.

Services provided:

Supplier selection

Using our market knowledge we select the producers based on financial viability, continuity of supply, International quality systems (ISO, BRC, IFS) and other certifications (Bio, Halal, Kosher etc), Public liability and safety consciousness and rate of adaptation to retail requirements.

Audit of compliance to requirements

In the process of negotiations we provide pre-agreement audit, agreement of specifications with clients, labelling and packaging adaptation, physical presence of Expoaid auditor at production to ensure compliance.

Contract and product specification agreement

We manage the contract and specification agreement process ensuring good business conduct practices will be applied for a win –win situation.

Supervision of execution

We supervise the contract manufacturing process, to ensure contract execution according to terms and requirements.



Key Benefits of the Service

  Total project management: all in one, from specs, to production contract, audits and supervision. More control and a single contact base.
  Time and cost saving: the handling by an experienced professional saves you time in learning and involvement and obviously costs.
 Expertise on multiple subjects under one roof: more efficiency in communication brings better results faster and at a less cost.

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