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Kalavryton 3, 14564 Kifisia

We source to order for our clients, supplying them with certified products according to their specifications. We select products from our supplier base or research the market for a suitable producer who can match their needs and requirements.

Services provided:

Supplier selection

Using our market knowledge we select the producers based on financial viability, continuity of supply, International quality systems (ISO, BRC, IFS) and other certifications (Bio, Halal, Kosher, etc), public liability and safety consciousness.

Match the offer to clients’ requirements

In the process of negotiations we ensure that the specifications match with clients requirements, adjusting product content, labelling and packaging when necessary.

Supervision of execution

We are physically present during production to ensure compliance





Key Benefits of the Service

  Cost and time saving: we know where to look for and what to evaluate. This will save you time and money both during your search and after the purchase.
  Quality check and assurance: we know what to look for to ensure quality standard compliance.
 Export process assistance: we know the formalities inside-out. No more time consuming conversations and uncertain outcomes.

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