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Vegan Products

EXPOAID & Vegan products

Every consumer has a different reason for turning to Vegan products.  Our D’Vegan brand was created to offer approachable, delicious and healthy lifestyle products without compromise.  Our first step in this direction is our D’Vegan cheese range. Let’s find out what a vegan products are, how are they produced and why should you include our D’Vegan cheeses in your diet.

What is veganism?

Veganism is a lifestyle that has been gaining popularity in recent years. A vegan diet excludes all animal products, including meat, dairy, eggs, and honey. This dietary choice is often made for ethical, health, or environmental reasons. As a result, many companies have started to create vegan products in response to the increasing demand.

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FOS – Building a Brand

A brand is a collection of perceptions in the mind of the consumers or at the very beginning a set of values, ideas and attributes we want to get associated with our product.

When this project started Agrosparta was a brand new company processing olives, sold under the same name as the company “Agrosparta”. . The problem was that the product wasn’t conveying any specific messages, it simply wasn’t working – it didn’t illustrate the brand’s attributes, ideals and the high level of product quality and authenticity.

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Kalamata Papadimitriou - restructuring export sales

Founded in 1939 Papadimitriou s.a. has become through the labor and innovation of 3 generations a market leader in Greece in the balsamic vinegar category.  With its unique balsamic vinegar produced directly from sun dried Corinthian currants the company started building a range of innovative products including Mediterranean mustards and a wide and growing category of balsamic creams.
In 2010 Papadimitriou s.a. engaged Expoaid to manage its international sales, by restructuring the current client base and develop further its sales.

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Ethnic shelf - Greek theme project

While the international retail shelves are widespread and popular around the globe, featuring different cuisines, it is striking that there is no product group or cluster that could successfully represent the quite popular Greek cuisine. Greece has a delightful traditional cuisine that lies in the very heart of the Mediterranean culture and diet. It is striking however that its products are relatively unknown and under-represented unlike their Italian and Spanish counterparts. It has been a great challenge when a buyer of an Australian retail chain requested an offer that would cover the gap in the international segment and create a Greek retail shelf that could stand equally among the other country presentations.

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Antipasti Project for Deli sector of international Super Market chains

It all started with olives.  We supply them in retail and HORECA larger packaging that has been sold in the Deli section over the counter in many retail chains and outlets internationally.  This segment is judged by the quality of its products but also by the variety which is very important to the consumer.

We came forward with a proposal that would allow the buyer to have variety of both olives and antipasti products from one supplier.  The unified supply of the Deli counter was born at the very moment.

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Bulk olive oil sourcing - experience in olive oil, testing sampling and commitment through trust to source the best raw material.

We all had a deep involvement with olive oil.  From owning in a traditional manner our own fields to working for a leading olive oil company for many years, our experience was both personal and professional.  The natural next step for us was to synergize to streamline sourcing and procure larger volumes of bulk olive oil.

We based our supplier selection on the quality of olive oil they deal with as well as their financial and business capability and viability.

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