Frozen food category is convenient and generally affordable, and a staple in many households. Despite its widespread popularity, this category is often faced with criticism and skepticism.  It is believed that frozen food is inferior to fresh or canned options, and that it could be potentially harmful to our health.  What are the main concerns raised, and are they justified?

5 myths

1) Frozen Food Lacks Nutrients

One of the most common misconceptions about frozen food is that it lacks essential nutrients. Contrary to this belief the fast processing from the field helps to preserve the nutrients. for example frozen fruit and vegetables, can retain up to 90% of their original nutrients. This is because the freezing process helps to lock in the vitamins and minerals, rather than allowing them to degrade like they might when left at room temperature.

2) Frozen Food is Processed and Preserved with Unhealthy Ingredients

Another myth about frozen food is that it is processed and preserved with unhealthy ingredients. While it’s true that frozen food may contain added preservatives or sodium, most are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. Look for products that are labeled “flash-frozen” or “quick-frozen,” which means that they were frozen soon after harvesting or processing. These products are often less likely to contain added preservatives or artificial ingredients.

3) Frozen Food is Less Fresh than Fresh Options

Many people believe that frozen food is less fresh than their fresh counterparts. Frozen food can be just as fresh as fresh options, as long as it is stored properly.  Longer storage is another benefit as it makes it a convenient choice for busy households.

4) Frozen Food is Expensive

Some people believe that frozen food is more expensive than fresh or canned options. Frozen food can be just as affordable as fresh options, especially when considering the cost per serving. Additionally, frozen food can be a great way to save money on produce that is out of season or hard to find.

5) Frozen Food Lacks Flavor

Some people believe that frozen food lacks flavor.  You will find that when produced and handled properly, frozen food retains its natural flavor and texture. This is not always true for fresh ingredients as they may not be as well preserved before cooking or processing.

Frozen food is not the inferior option as many people believe it to be. In fact, it offers many benefits and can be a convenient and affordable way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet.  It gives you the opportunity to try difficult exotic and elaborate recipes or simply enjoy freshly frozen vegetables that will remain vibrant in color and full in taste. So next time you’re at the supermarket, consider giving frozen food a try – you might be surprised at how delicious and nutritious it can be!