January welcomes the new year, but also Vegan-uary, a global movement inspiring million people, to explore a plant-based vegan lifestyle. Launched in 2014, it originates from the words vegan and January.


In recent years, the vegan movement has gained significant momentum, with more and more people adopting a plant-based lifestyle. The month of January has become synonymous with this movement, as it marks the beginning of Vegan-uary, a challenge that encourages individuals to adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle for the entire month. This means leaving behind meat (including fish), eggs, cheese, milk, butter, and generally all food items related to animal origin.


Not sure and still considering this?  Here are some of the most significant benefits to give you a reason to try this:

More than 700.000 people worldwide took part in Vegan-uary 2023, breaking all previous records. Specifically, Gen Z is showing a marked shift away from meat and dairy products in favor of healthier and plant-based options. This new generation of consumers has already begun to reshape industries across the board, especially food.


We want to strengthen this movement by expanding our category of Vegan products. Our D’ Vegan brand was created to offer approachable, delicious, and healthy lifestyle products without taste compromise. We offer new products and variety to ensure choice and satisfaction.


Check out what is new:  

  • Vegan Grilled cheese flavor piece

Get ready to taste our Vegan grilled cheese and immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors of mediterranean. It has a slightly salty texture that is perfect for pan-frying and grilling. It can be also cubed for salads, or any savory dish you like.

  •  Vegan White with Herbs cheese flavor piece

Delicious, 100% plant based alternative to the traditional white cheese. It has salty flavor and cheesy texture which makes it perfect for salad topping and table use. Vegan white with herbs is a perfect tangy touch to elevate any dish.

  • Vegan Parmezan cheese flavor piece

Our Vegan Parmezan has a subtle and mild flavor. It can be perfectly grated to top a wide range of pasta dishes or shredded on pizza.

  • Vegan Cheddar & Onion flavor cream spread.

Indulging creamy and rich taste that will facinate, vegans and vegetarians. It is ideal as a dip and as an ingredient for sandwiches or any other dish.

  •  Vegan Garlic & Herbs flavor cream spread

A spread that becomes a dip or a filling.  Simply delicious cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, or bell peppers. It has a perfect creamy taste which can accompany various dishes, sandwiches, burgers, baked potatoes as a topping.  An excellent choice for salad dressing or marinade of favorite delicacies.

  • Vegan Pesto

It is an ideal sauce for pasta, pizzas, bruschetta’s, sandwiches and other dishes, with intense aroma and rich taste. It does not contain dairy and gluten and is suitable for everyone. Just as enjoyable as the original one.

  •  Vegan Mayo Sauce

No eggs, gluten and preservatives. A unique recipe with unsurpassed taste and light texture, which feels like the original mayonnaise.


It’s time to join the revolution and embrace the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle!