The steps we follow for the launch of a new product in a foreign market:

  1. Ensuring product availability based on excess capacity we have in production.
  2. Starting with target market, geographical area and then examine which consumer group we will be addressing to.
  3. Researching online for the target market. There we can find out more about the competitors, their pricing strategy and distribution channels.
  4. Monitoring competition. During this step we study and note:
    -shelf prices
    -the launch strategy followed by competition
    -in which product packaging is sold in each market/ country
    -consumers preferences regarding flavors and packaging


  1. Select a distribution channel in which we will promote it.
  2. We examine if our product can be introduced directly to retail or if it should be sold through a local distributor. We look at the following 3 factors:

-The shelf life of the product
-the conditions of its storage and distribution
-the price of the product

  1. Send samples to customers for further testing and tasting.
  2. Create of promotional material. Depending on the channel in which the product will be distributed, we formulate the appropriate product promotion plan.
  3. Promote it.
  4. Analysis of results. We analyze the data from the market, including figures and feedback of consumers in order to improve the product performance.