The evolution of Cash & Carry

Traditionally Cash and Carry was a strictly B2B store where goods were sold in cash and wholesale/large quantities to registered customers.  In time more and more formats opened their doors to consumers reducing the quantity required to purchase and provide access to the stores for everyday retail purchases.

In recent years more and more consumers are making price conscious purchases.  This has become particularly evident after the pandemic.  A long and unsettling period with shortages and issues of supply brought unprecedented inflation and increasing consumer price sensitivity.

Value shopping and availability has become extremely important, signifying growth for private labels, discounters but also Cash and Carry formats.

In 2022 major market players gained through their C&C formats as well as their e-platforms, strengthening their position in the top 50 global retailer rank.

2023 was expected to bring stability. However, the household economy experienced a significant pressure as expenses increased much faster than disposable income. In this uncertain climate we see efforts of traditional C&C formats to become more approachable by downsizing their stores and making accessible their e-shopping platforms to consumers and not only businesses to order online.

EXPOAID in Cash & Carry market.

EXPOAID offers a wide variety of products and packaging in Cash & Carry stores to meet the needs of businesses and consumers. We provide olives, olive oil, feta cheese, Antipasti, Vegan cheese, Smoked and Salted fish.

All our products are packaged in practical and functional HORECA packaging.

You will find our practical size RPC jars where our olives stay protected with less salinity while offering a glass-free solution for safe handling. We provide multipacks of glass jars of 2-6 units depending on their size. These are displayed on a tray for immediate store placement without extra labor of unpacking.

Apart from the traditional larger packs of PET, PP and glass we offer pillow bags and doy packs with olives ready to use either as marinated antipasto or slices, halves for bread and pizza preparation.

Our olive snack is offered in a Counter-top display box with a standup sign, an ideal solution for small convenient stores.  For consumer sales we offer a multibuy format with individual 8-12 snacks, to cover their weekly snacking need.

The Extra virgin olive oil is packaged in pet bottles (transparent- green) for the product to retain all its nutritional values, as well as metal tin or a bag in the box.

From the range you could not miss our antipasti, including metal tins of roasted peppers, eggplant pure and stuffed vine leaves, as well as spicy pepperoncini, a typical part of Mediterranean antipasto platters.

Our vegan cheese range covers the needs of both block and pre-sliced variants in packaging. Greek feta cheese is offered precut in slices or cubes in brine in plastic TUBs.  There is a variety of sizes from 8kg to 400g, but all keep cheese conveniently portioned and fresh.

Vegan “yellow” cheeses are packaged as blocks, piece in vacuum, shredded in Modified Atmosphere (MAP).  You will find with us a fresh mozzarella vegan variant which can be cut in round slices for carpaccio, and a Greek white vegan cheese in cubes packed in brine, ready to be served on salads.   Our specialties include Vegan blue for amazing dips and mature cheddar for the demanding taste buds.  All packed in sizes that work well in the professional kitchen.

In the Smoked and Salted fish category you will find a variety of smoked and marinated fillets, whole and sliced with high nutritional value, packaged in plastic trays with sunflower oil.  In a more traditional note, you will find our anchovies and sardines packed with salt in metal tins to spice up your sauces and dishes.

Find more details on our site and do not hesitate to ask us for more information.