Old world recipes, New world tastes
Kalavryton 3, 14564 Kifisia
There are countless reasons for working with us. Whether you are a producer who wants to sell internationally or a potential client of our exquisite products we will offer you what you are looking for.
  1. Expertise: Our team has proven experience in International sales, product sourcing and legal requirements involved with procurement and packaging.
  2. Guaranteed quality: We select quality products certified by International Standards we conduct audits of all requirements.
  3. 7000 contacts: Global network of 7000 contacts of retailers and importers who trust our services
  4. International exposure: Frequent traveling in 5 continents: market audits, client visits, participation at major international exhibitions
  5. Total management: We provide Key account managements for retail clients, project management, handling of procurement and audits and all the tedious paperwork and support.
  6. Publicity: We offer planning and execution of marketing campaigns in cooperation to selected experienced and credible agencies globally.