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PDO Kalamata is one of the world’s most flavorful and aromatic olive oils. The PDO characterization means that the product has been prepared, processed, and produced only in the region of Kalamata, which gives the product a unique taste and aroma that cannot be found in any other olive oil in the world.

Uniqueness/ Differentiation
The combination of natural factors—including environmental characteristics, location, and human influence—make the product unique. The factors that give the raw material its specific characteristics are: — the area's excellent climate (the combination of long hours of sunshine, optimal rainfall, etc.), — the mild winters and long, hot, dry summers, — the moderately strong winds and the area’s hilly terrain, along with the cup-shaped form of the trees created by the farmers’ pruning. The light, calcareous soils with neutral to alkaline pH, has sufficient concentrations of phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, boron, etc. The meticulous harvesting of the olives at just the right degree of ripeness and the optimal processing conditions, and the uniformity of the geographical area of Kalamata, with its distinct microclimate, all these factors give ‘Kalamata’ olive oil a distinct quality, and unique characteristics.

Sensory Profile
The product’s color is golden green, with a fruity, sweet and light spicy taste. Its maximum acidity is 0.4, and it comes from Koroneiki variety that is the queen of Greek olive varieties in Greece, and one of the most tasteful ones.

PDO Sitia Extra-Virgin olive oil comes from Sitia Lasithiou, in Crete. The PDO characterization means that the product has been prepared, processed, and produced only in the region of Sitia. The characteristics of the area have gifted this olive oil with a unique taste and aroma.

Uniqueness/ Differentiation
The special microclimate, the fertility of the ground, the abundance of high quality water, the extended sunshine, and the high altitude in the region of Sitia, in Crete, contribute to the production of one of the most famous olive oils in the word, with unique qualities and attributes. The combination of these elements lead to a product that is a real gastronomic pleasure, with bright golden green color, fruity flavor and light in taste, being one of the best olive oils in the world with continuous awards and distinctions worldwide.

Sensory Profile
The product’s color is golden green, with an intense fruity and light taste. Its acidity ranges from 0,2 to 0.4, and it comes from Koroneiki or Tsounati variety. The soil’s fertility, the intense sunshine for most of the year, and the Aegean Sea breeze contribute to an exceptional olive oil quality, and unique taste.

PGI Lakonias Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from Koroneiki and Athinolia varieties of Lakonia region, on the south-eastern side of Peloponnese.

Uniqueness/ Differentiation
PGI Lakonias is a unique product, protected by EU, as PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). It is produced by the rare variety of Athinolia or the high-quality variety of Koroneiki that both grow in Laconia region in century-old olive trees. The climate of the area of Sparta, combined with the soil morphology, and intense sunshine for most of the year, offer to the product a unique combination of characteristics, intended to satisfy demanding culinary pallets.

Sensory Profile
The product’s unique green-golden color, intense spicy taste, grassy aroma, and silky texture create a memorable experience to those who taste it, engaging all their five human senses. PGI Lakonias has very low acidity, and constitutes a high quality oil that it can be enjoyed both raw and cooked.


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